• Education & Health For All

      Shuddhi Children’s Charity supports families who have a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness.  
      Rs. 228,000 donated of Rs. 2,100,000 goal
    • Help Flood Victims

      Flood Relief

      When floods strike, your donation helps to provide shelter, food and comfort to families
      Rs. 88,400 donated of Rs. 2,500,000 goal
    • Help relocate the refugees

      Nepal has been seriously devastated by the recent earthquake. Over 8,000 people have died (with death toll rising), thousands more are injured, and countless more have been displaced. Many homes, temples, and public monuments have been destroyed throughout the affected areas.
      Rs. 85,000 donated of Rs. 12,000 goal
    • Help the poor in India

      SHUDDHI has identified the destitute poor and elderly persons, senior citizens in & around cities and providing monthly groceries consisting of Sona Masoori Rice, Tardal, Coconut, Cooking oil, Soaps, Hair oil, Biscuits to 2000 poor old age persons in villages.
      Rs. 387,000 donated of Rs. 10,000,000 goal