Refund Policy

Shuddhi is committed to make your support of charitable causes you care about, quick, easy, and efficient while satisfying all legal requirements and providing you complete electronic records for personal accounting and tax purposes.  To that end, we seek to affiliate with charities that share our charitable and philanthropic goals. Shuddhi is a tax-exempt society (Non-Profit Organisation) registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI, 1860 with registration Number S/2020/SDM/NW/2014 in India

Your contribution made through the Website is to Shuddhi. It is Shuddhi’s normal practice to regrant 90%  per advisement to the qualifying tax-exempt entity and/or cause advised, or to retain 100% when contribution is made to Shuddhi or to the Shuddhi causes. A regrant to the advised organization is generally made on the 10th of the month following receipt of the advised contribution. While Shuddhi makes reasonable efforts to honor the advisements of its donors, you acknowledge that Shuddhi maintains exclusive and full discretion and control over use of all contributions it receives. In the case where a donor makes an advisement to a non-qualified organization, or Shuddhi otherwise determines that the advisement should not be followed, Shuddhi will direct the contribution to an alternate charitable cause, including Shuddhi’s charitable purposes.

When making a donor-advised contribution on the Website, you represent and agree that neither you nor any person or entity related to you have received or been promised any benefit that is more than incidental as a result of the donor advisement or the honoring of the advisement by Shuddhi, and if offered or presented with any such benefit, you will not accept it. Such benefits include, but are not limited to, tuition and other educational costs, admission to any event, or the fulfillment of a legally binding pledge, or other personal financial obligation.

All donations made through the Website are final and non-refundable. If you have any inquiries regarding your donation, please contact Shuddhi at

Shuddhi not guarantee the payment of a matching grant for donations or advisements made through pages designated as having a matching grant. Such matching grants are administered at the sole discretion of the fundraising page creator or nonprofit administrator, and Shuddhi is not responsible for or will be held liable for the matching grant administration.