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Health Benefits

Health Support

Inner Satisfaction

Social work brings you close to your community.


Transportation allowance for the volunteers.

Travel the world

Participate and travel in our ongoing programs all around the globe.

Gadgets & Gears

All gadgets and gears are provided for works.


Volunteers, Members and participants receive membership certificates.

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Current Openings


The Project Co-ordinator will be Leading all the Projects and will be a pivotal actor in building and strengthening the home-based workers programs in the region.

He/She will have to: • Project Management – • Work with Regional Coordinator to design projects and assist in Fundraising. • Over all in charge of all the Implementation and Reporting of Organization’s Projects as per the Funder’s Requirement. • Overall, in charge of the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Projects • Guide and support the team members with Project Implementation and Reporting to the funders. • Analyze the Progress of the project activities with team members on a monthly basis • Visit Member Organisations and Project Sites for implementation of the project and monitoring. • Finance and Compliance Management • Work Closely with Financial Advisor and Finance Coordinator for preparing Financial Reports as per Funder’s Requirement..

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